Steps to recover Google Account without Phone Number and Alternate Email

Google account is required to access, authorize and authenticate many services and products offered by Google. The widely used services such as Gmail, Google +, Hangouts, etc. can be used only if the user has a Google account.


For accessing any of the Google services, the user is required to enter the username and password of the account which should be correct. The username and password is obtained by creating the account. The access to the account is denied if the user is trying to submit wrong or incorrect details. A very common reason for the denied access is lost or forgotten password for the Google account. In this case, the user has to recover the password and it can be done by google account recovery, which is as follows:


Step1: Google account recovery without phone number


The user needs to visit the account recovery page of Google in the web browser.

Then, the user is asked to enter the username of the account whose password needs to be recovered.

On the next page, click on the Forgot password link.

When the recovery process, next steps asked to enter the last remembered password. If the user remembers it, it can be entered otherwise go for different other ways.

In the next step, a phone number with missing digits is there on the screen. If the user does not identify the number, Try another way is clicked.

On the next page, by entering the recovery email, the user can follow the password reset link.

By creating a new password, the user needs to sign-in to check whether the password id working or not.


Step2: Google account recovery without alternate email ID


The user is required to repeat the 4 steps in the above method.

After that, the user needs to identify the missing digits of phone number and the verification code is received on the number. By entering the code in the given field, the user will be able to recover the password easily.

Then, by entering the new password in the blank field and confirming the password, it can be used to Sign-in to the Google account.


Step3: Google account recovery without phone number and alternate email ID


By repeating the initial 4 steps mentioned in the first method, the user has to proceed further.

If the user is not aware about the alternate email linked to the account, next step is opted by clicking on the Try another way link.

On the next page, asked to answer the security questions related to the Google account.

By entering the correct answers for the questions, the user will be able to create a new password.

The new password is then confirmed by re-typing in the confirm password field.

Finally, the new password is used to login into the Google account and access all the services.


To know more about the services offered by Google or any issue or query is there, the technical support can be contacted. The technical executives can be reached by using call, web support or live chat. Any convenient method can be chosen to contact the support center and the best assistance will be provided to the users. The contact info which will help a user to reach the executives is available on the official website of Google.